Doris Business Development & Co., LLC BBB Business Review
Doris Business Development & Co., LLC BBB Business Review


Most business owners complain they don’t have time to network, to research, to meet with other entrepreneurs, to decide how to get in front of the target audience.


Most business owners complain they don’t have time to network, to research, to meet with other entrepreneurs, to decide how to get in front of the target audience.


While talented in their field, that doesn’t include marketing, public relations or communications. There are so many options, it is overwhelming just trying to identify what might work for their particular industry.


ABOUT US:  Doris Business Development is a boutique consulting firm managed by Doris Muscarella.  Doris Muscarella is a seasoned Business Development Consultant, Certified Golf Tournament Consultant, and Co-Host of The Golf and Travel Show.  She is known for her dynamic approach to achieving business success.  With a strong background in the legal field and additional expertise in freelance public relations and marketing, her proficiency extends across market research, lead generation, customer acquisition, partnership building, negotiation, strategy, press relations, brand awareness, and promotional marketing. Doris has consistently surpassed revenue and growth goals, secured lucrative contracts, and formed strategic alliances, delivering exceptional results for her clients.  As a business development consultant, she guides organizations toward achieving their objective by identifying opportunities, implementing dynamic strategies, and fostering strategic alliances that lead to success.

As the co-host of The Golf & Travel Show on Legends Radio 100.3fm, she combines her love for golf and passion for exploration, offering captivating insights, expert interviews, and enthralling stories from the interconnected realms of golf and travel.

In her role as a Certified Golf Tournament Consultant, Doris crafts unforgettable golf events tailored to the unique needs and expectations of her clients, ensuring flawless execution and satisfaction for participants and sponsors alike.

OUR MISSION:  To provide comprehensive business development services, and memorable golf tournaments, fostering connections and growth for our clients using Public Relations and Marketing tools.

OUR VISION:  Doris Business Development, a boutique consulting firm under the adept management of Doris Muscarella, envisions a future where businesses thrive through strategic development and dynamic partnerships. Leveraging experience in the legal field, coupled with freelance expertise in public relations and marketing, we envision a dynamic approach to achieving business success for our Clients. Doris Business Development envisions becoming a beacon of excellence, guiding businesses toward unparalleled success through innovation, strategic insight, and unwavering dedication.

Message from the Founder

At Doris Business Development we are energized by the opportunities to aid professionals in a variety of industries. We understand that entrepreneurs want to focus on DOING their business, not all the background work necessary to create sustained growth. While it is true that you need to “Invest for Success”, finding the bandwidth to do so can be challenging. That’s where we step in. All the background work, the “scaffolding” required to maintain forward momentum, is what we love to do. Let us take that off your shoulders. Concentrate on what you enjoy – we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get started!

– Doris Muscarella, Founder of Doris Business Development & Company

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