Doris Business Development & Company’s Consulting services include identifying the needs of Companies, law firms, and Professionals to increase business and revenue growth. Our team is experienced in creating and developing new ideas to increase branding, image, holistic philosophy and unique approach in their target market. We research and development opportunities to spotlight the client to their target audience. Once that is established, the consulting team works to establish a Business Development Action Plan with a focus on outcomes.

Business Development

A holistic approach to business development is the key to sustained growth. Doris & team take the time to understand your industry, your position in it and current market conditions. This commitment to understanding the landscape ensures their recommendations are well thought out. They will provide creative ideas and comprehensive plans. Most importantly, they will handle all the related work, so you can keep your focus on what you love to do.

Business Representation & Networking

It’s all about people. Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, people are your end users. Connecting is important, and that requires communication. Having knowledgeable, professionals with superior communication skills representing you, puts you far ahead of any potential competition. You can continue doing what you love to do, while the team is improving visibility for your target market and creating opportunities for strategic alliances.

Industry Evaluation & Market Research

Taking the time to understand your industry, evaluating current conditions, conducting market research and taking the temperature for your business, ensures their recommendations are well thought out. Doris believes results must be measurable to clearly determine effectiveness for any strategy. We have a proven track record for generating increased revenue and improving client retention and satisfaction.

Pipeline Development to Increase Referrals

Essentially, a business development pipeline is a way of moving prospects through stages, from discovering your firm to closing the deal. If your busy team is juggling many prospects and other responsibilities, it can be easy to have one or more fall through the cracks.

Association/Organization Growth Management

  • Manage client relations, community relations and digital marketing.
  • Develop and introduce marketing goals, prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.
  • Ensure referrals and lead sources are captured, assigned a value, and tracker.
  • Follow-up with lead sources.


  • Manage social media channels and engage with and respond to follower comments and questions.
  • Develop, publish and maintain client’s Digital footprint for maximum online exposure.
  • Identify news that is worthy of a press release and coordinate distribution.

Advertising & Analytics

  • Develop and monitor advertising campaigns for broadcast, on-line and print.
  • Plan, execute and track campaigns while continuously improving conversion points for leads to become clients.

Public Relations & Networking

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for media inquiries.
  • Develop and support client relations and engagement tools to increase referrals: Social media pages and channels to increase number of reviews and followers; Google review ask process to increase number of reviews; Google review monitoring/responsiveness.
  • Find sponsorships/philanthropy events that are of value and align with the client’s mission and oversee all aspects, including coordination with organizers, set-up and attendance.
  • Assist and support the client’s involvement in associations, chamber, and association memberships.
  • Facilitate holistic business development, especially with the client’s target market.
  • Set up networking/marketing breakfast or lunch events for potential referral sources specific to the client’s target audience.

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